Business Card and Napkin Holders, also Soap Dishes

The one of a kind soap dishes and business card holders are functional  one of kind gifts for someone special . Both are available in a assortment of colors and glass designs. 

The soap dish measures three inches by four inches and has five ridges in the base that the soap is nestled on.  

The business care holder looks great on any desk. To create this design the glass is cut and then draped to form the contour needed to go hold the business cards. This design can be created using various colors of glass .

Please email with any questions.




This unique soap dish is a one-of-kind. The glass is transparent with streaks of black and reddish orange highlights through out the design. A stunning accent piece for any bathroom. Available in a many colors. 


Misty Pink


This functional business card holder is a wonderful gift for someone or for yourself. The delicate wisps of pink float across the creamy white glass. This beautiful business card holder is available in many colors.