Extraordinary Plates and BOWLS

All the plates are available in a wide variety of colors.  Glass can be one color or variegated. It can also be  opaque or transparent.


Pink Stripes

Small - $18.00     Large - $22.00

A lovely pink plate translucent glass with wispy streaks of white, pink and black. The plate is trimmed  with a speckled black iridescent black glass. The design is available in both small and large sizes.

plate with beads.JPG

 A burst of Spring


  A floral cluster of over 100 individually made glass nuggets. The beads are surrounded by green glass that resembles grass. The plate measures 7x 7 and has a gentle slope.             .                     



3 hearts.jpg

               3 HEARTS IN A UNIQUE BOWL


                      This unique shallow bowl is perfect

                      anytime of the year for your favorite