Star Bright Ornaments That Sparkle

My Christmas tree ornaments vary in color, size, and price. I cut each ornament from a sheet of glass using the color combination you request. The ornaments are adorned with various beads I make, than wire wrapped, and finally a charm fitting for the design is added as a finishing touch.  Each is a one-of-a-kind ornament.  Please email me with any special requests or questions at


Cute Elf Boot


This adorable elf boot measures  approximately 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches. It is available with a white cuff and red balls and a red or green ball on the toe. The ribbon will vary from polka dots, solid red,green or white. That will be determined by what compliments the design.


Star Bright


Star measures 5 inches from point to point. It is four layers of glass, The top layer is a curved heart, on top of multicolored  frit, which is on top of five points sprinkled with clear frit, than 5 red points with a handmade green bead on the tip.

The stars are available in many color variations. Please email: for more details or to place an order.


o' Christmas Tree


The trees that I design can be striped in any color and embellished with hearts and beads. I finish each tree with a wire wrap that is adorned with silver bells or beads. Sometimes both dependent upon the design. Each tree will have a white or red heart and a bead topper. There is a bail through which I thread ribbon which compliments the design so the ornament can be hung.  The trees measure seven inches tall and approximately 3 and 1/2 inches wide at the base and are available in any color combination. 


Snow Puppy